feet bathing in cold water filled with round stones
Who is Herr Kneipp?
The Reverend Johann Sebastian Kneipp is known as the Father of Naturopathy. Kneipp (pronounced KNIPE) is both a real historical person as well as the name of a healthy modern lifestyle that is…
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Beach Days
When it comes to beaches, Florida has some of the finest white sand and warmest waters on the East Coast. Everyone has their favorite and here are some of ours. Just type the beach name into your GPS and go! Getting there is part of the adventure.
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Key Lime Pie
“Key Lime Pie” is the official Florida State pie. 100 years ago, key limes were easy to find in South Florida and the other main ingredient (condensed milk) didn’t need refrigeration. Bakers combined the two to make a prize-winning pie. Check out this article for our preferred Key Lime Pie recipe!
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