Fun and Friendly

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Fun and Friendly

Staying fit on holiday isn’t always easy, but we make it easy with on-site swimming, aqua gym, jogging and walking trails, beach volleyball, basketball, yoga and a European Kneipp footpath. There’s no reason to leave the village to get your juices flowing.
There’s a fruitiness the air … could it be ripe mangos? A rustling catches your eye … yes, two armadillos on their way to the river. An iguana zips up the palm tree and disappears behind an air plant. Perfect camouflage. Our botanical world invites you to absorb all this exotic beauty, to taste from our wild and cultivated herb gardens, and to meditate with the birds and beasts in our 10-acre jungle park on groomed walking trails.
Our community is international and you’ll meet interesting people from all over the world. You can be as social or as private as you wish – there are no expectations to mingle, only invitations.
We are a family friendly resort where everyone is welcome. We provide a safe place to play, activities and zones for teens, as well as accessibility for those in your party who are less mobile.