Botanical Walk

Garden of Eden

You’ll find many exciting plants along the illuminated path that leads around the village. From medicinal plants to tropical fruit trees, we have many palm tree varieties, passion flowers and hibiscus plants. All the colors of the rainbow are found in the trees that fruit including avocado, papaya, figs, cacti, citrus, pineapple and mango trees. Picking is allowed!

PyramidsinFlorida Jungle Park
Palm tree with ripe coconuts

Jungle Park

Live Jungle Music

Exclusively available for Pyramids in Florida guests, we have our very own 10-acre wetland nature sanctuary. If you enjoy walking the trails, fishing, meditating, watching critters and identifying tropical plants, 5 stations invite you to linger in special areas of our jungle park under 200-year old trees. While you’re listening to the sounds of Mother Nature, keep an eye out for wild herbs, hummingbirds, butterflies, birds and baby alligators.

Walking Trail

Run, Forest, Run!

Our 10-acre private jungle park is available to Pyramid guests for slow walks and vigorous jogs on well-maintained trails through tropical vegetation.

Be Alert for Alligators
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Meet the Neighbors

Animal lovers don’t have to visit the Everglades to see native animals. All kinds of wildlife make their home at Pyramids in Florida including armadillos, butterflies, lizards and iguanas and our adorable turtle “Heidi” who often does laps in the lake. A local university team is currently studying the river ecosystem along a section of our Jungle Park. Even our clever raccoon friends will arrive uninvited to your party, open the BBQ grill, and steal the leftovers if you don’t clean up!


Private Bird Sanctuary

Florida is a major ornithologist destination, but you don’t have to be a professional to watch birds in their natural habitat. We have an immense variety of birds in our Jungle Park like pelicans, flamingos, grey herons but also rare species, eagles, and ibis to name a few.

Fishing Hole

Catch of the Day

A river flows through our Jungle Park making it an ideal fishing spot. Many prize fish (tilapia) have landed on guest BBQ grills. Ask Gerti for free fishing equipment or buy your own at the Bass Pro shop close by. No fishing license required!

We believe in flower power We believe in flower power

Herb Garden

Fresh Pizza Toppings

Our herb garden invites you on a sensual journey through local and European herbs. Pick them to season your cooking or steep an herbal iced-tea in the sun. You can make small aromatherapy bouquets or rub some on to ward off mosquitoes! Help yourself to the fresh bed of basil, sage, rosemary, lavender, lemon mint, lemon balm, parsley, and peppermint to garnish your cocktails.