Blast Off!

Experience Florida

From Culture to Nature

From rocket ships and Flamingos to Latino art and NASCAR racing — Florida is an eclectic mix of artistic genres and things you wouldn’t expect … like opera. Attracting more than pirates and robber barons, it’s where cultural creatives and mad scientists come to feel the inspiration. As they say, Some like it Hot while others prefer it Caliente!

What’s in for you
  • Swanky towns
  • Cultural heritage
  • Entertainment

Whether it’s 18 holes of world-class golf or a lazy day sunning on the beach, Florida is a recreation paradise that can be as active or as leisurely, as you wish. Large open-air venues offer professional and local games for sports fans and theme park explorers. The moral of the story: You’ll never be bored!

What’s in for you
  • A paradise for golfers
  • Dolce vita at the beaches
  • Childhood dreams coming true at the theme parks

While some think Florida is golf courses and shopping malls, that’s only half the story. With hundreds of local parks, state and national parks, you can actively explore Florida’s wild side every day of the year. Kayak the inland and coastal waterways, bike through the Everglades, and hike along well-marked trails until the gators come home.

What’s in for you
  • Wildlife refuges
  • Stunning national and state parks
  • Crystalline swimming springs

From bare feet to haute couture, what’s your style … are you a beach bum or a fancy pants? Whatever your look, you’ll find it in Florida’s outlet malls, coastal boutiques and funky flea markets. We’re proud of our farm-to-table community and year-round freshness. Alongside classic diners & steakhouses, the lighter menu serves up organic produce, vegan options, fresh salads, citrus and smoothies … this is the capital of Vitamin C!

What’s in for you
  • Renowned outlet centers
  • Bustling markets
  • Fresh organic food, from farm to table