Unique in Florida

Ancient Wisdom in the Modern World

In 1997, two Austrians laid the foundation stone for 26 pyramid villas in Fort Myers, Florida. Today, guests from around the world benefit from the healing frequencies found only within the sacred geometric design of the pyramids. The owners appreciate their happy repeat guests who also value the village’s resources as a way to maintain vibrant personal health. We assure you that the spirit and activities of the founders will be carried on with the next generation.
Gerti Hoentzsch


Founder and Hostess

Your Hostess Gerti Höntzsch is an energy guide, nutritionist and healing practitioner with a thriving practice in Salzburg, Austria. Guests appreciate her personal attention to comfort, safety and wellbeing. She and her partner Will welcome you to Pyramids in Florida to experience their unique blend of modern wellness, Austrian charm, and southern hospitality. Soak up the sun, bathe in healing waters, eat fresh and enjoy nature. Your hosts are certain you’ll leave feeling happy and refreshed.
Thermal pond Thermal lake well
Pyramids in Florida reception
Chalet Luxor 1st floor of the Luxor pyramid

Pyramid Philosophy

A Healing Story

After achieving stunning results in her Salzburg practice with frequency treatments in a pyramid-shaped room, Gerti envisioned large-scale models where people could spend extended periods of time to recharge their internal batteries and experience the healing benefits of living and sleeping in a comfortable pyramid. Gerti’s deceased partner, engineer Walter Freller, brought the vision to life by successfully constructing a large pyramid dwelling in the mid-1990s. Freller’s patented design is both hurricane and earthquake proof with reduced energy use as compared to normal homes of a similar size.
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Healing pyramid energy should be accessible to as many people as possible.

— Austrian engineer, Walter Freller
Inventor and engineer Walter Freller Inventor and engineer Walter Freller
Beethoven at Pyramids in Florida Beethoven Plug’n Play
Pyramid Building The first pyramids were built from wood
Gerti Hoentzsch on inspection Gerti Hoentzsch on inspection
Beethoven at Pyramids in Florida Giant Beethoven bust at Pyramids in Florida

Pyramid Village

Ahead of its Time

In Europe during the 90s, the time wasn’t right for this unconventional style, but in the US people were more open-minded to the concept. Florida authorities soon granted permits and building began. During construction, the couple discovered a warm thermal spring that became the source of the bathing lake our guests enjoy today. By pure chance, tourists were the first guests who quickly spread the word about their rejuvenating and enjoyable stay. The demand for additional space grew and over the course of 20 years, the village blossomed to accommodate 26 pyramid villas.
Pyramids in Florida Lake View View over thermal lake
Striking the fountain
Gerti and her thermal fountain
Preparing the thermal lake
The base of the thermal lake
The base of the thermal lake
The base of the thermal lake
The base of the thermal lake

Striking a Rich Vein

The Origins of our Thermal Lake

Accidentally tapping into a warm water vein was the greatest gift we ever imagined during construction of pyramid village 20 years ago. When the geyser erupted and flooded the building site, we immediately smelled sulfur. We drilled 30 meters through rock, installed a pump, and created a lake to contain the surface water which analysis confirmed we had medicinal quality thermal water. The lake contains 188,000 gallons of constantly flowing water and uses a natural filtering process with quartz stones as well as copper to maintain sanitation. Twice a week we test water quality, and only occasionally do we add chlorine to disinfect. Today, the thermal lake is the heart and soul of Pyramids in Florida. Every guest experiences the valuable healing effect of the mineral water.

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