Feel Good Naturally at Pyramids in Florida

Wellbeing in Florida

Relax in the Thermal Lake

Thermal Lake

Bathe in Minerals

Our natural thermal lake is the bubbling “heart” of Pyramid Village. It’s an oval spring-fed with an average temperature of 80 degrees. The filtering fountain supplies oxygen to the system while quartz stones, copper and magnesium iodine clean the water as it emerges from a depth of 30 meters. Local water authorities inspect the water monthly certifying optimal quality. The chemical make-up includes sulphur, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, selenium. This water benefits the skin and provides relief for muscles and connective tissues. Our ergonomic, patented Sun Beds are super relaxing as they stretch the spine and elongate the body.

Hibiscus Hibiscus
Water Hyazinths Water Hyazinth
Red Pepper Red Pepper
Passion Flower Passion Flower
PyramidsinFlorida Citronella Citronella
PyramidsinFlorida Fern Fern
We believe in flower power We believe in flower power
PyramidsinFlorida Aloe Vera Aloe Vera
PyramidsinFlorida Sea Grape Sea Grape
We believe in flower power We believe in flower power

Medicinal Plants

A Plant for Every Ailment

Within the Village and Jungle Park there are many herbal plants that support bodily functions. For example, prickly pear is good for the heart, wild laurel cleanses the kidneys and urinary system, and passion flower strengthens the nervous system. The pretty yellow flowering plant Celandine is an anti-oxidant and used traditionally to fight viruses and bacteria, boost the immune system, support digestion and reduce inflammation. If you’re interested in natural plant medicine, ask Gerti for information.

At Southern Fresh Farms, Fort Myers At Southern Fresh Farms, Fort Myers
At Southern Fresh Farms, Fort Myers At Southern Fresh Farms, Fort Myers
At Southern Fresh Farms, Fort Myers At Southern Fresh Farms, Fort Myers
It's all about oranges It's all about oranges
At Southern Fresh Farms, Fort Myers At Southern Fresh Farms, Fort Myers
Palm tree with ripe coconuts


You Call the Shots

A self-catering holiday allows you to eat-in or eat-out when you want. This saves time and money. We think it’s fun to try local recipes with foods you wouldn’t find at home. For those with sensitivities, preparing your own meals is a perfect option. There are local farmers markets, organic farms and fish markets for fresh daily shopping. Of course, there are many standard grocery stores close to the Pyramids. If our own fruit trees are ripe, feel free to pick and enjoy. Every terrace has a BBQ grill, so you can prepare food in a healthy and delicious way.

Kinetic Walk

Total Body Activation

A beneficial way to support and maintain good health … learn how to walk that stimulates the nervous and lymph systems using specific leg and hand movements. Start in armchairs with stretching, then walk through the Jungle Park, around the Pyramid Village and return to the armchairs. Results are immediately noticeable as you will feel both energized and relaxed. The morning walk lasts 90 minutes, offered twice weekly in high season.

Massage & Physiotherapy

Because it Feels Good

On request, our licensed physiotherapist offers wellness massages and physiotherapeutic treatments done in the privacy and convenience of your pyramid. Massages support your overall wellness and relaxation program. Combine this with yoga, walking and swimming and you’re in for a feel-good holiday.

Green Philosophy

Keeping it Simple

We only use natural plant products outdoors around the village: no weed killers, no chemical fertilizers or noxious sprays! The pyramids are cleaned with natural soaps, vinegar and citrus cleaners. All our hypoallergenic bed linens are cleaned exclusively with hot steam in our state-of-the-art commercial machine, and towels are laundered with natural detergents. We do not use fabric softeners and linens are hung out to dry. The pyramid chalets are equipped with natural hand and dish soaps.

Kneipp Barefoot Path

Bavarian Health Tradition

Very popular in Germany and Austria, walking along a “Kneipp” path is invigorating and healthy for the entire body. The pathway is constructed from different stone shapes, wood textures and other materials that alternate between warm and cool, targeting foot reflexology points. Benefits include reduced stress and a greater sense of wellbeing along with improvements in blood circulation, immune system, lymph, posture, foot muscles, tendons and ligaments, arches, abdominal organs and more.

Allergen Free

Breathe Easy, Clean Living

We take allergies seriously and want our sensitive guests to feel comfortable on holiday knowing they are not exposed to chemicals. The Florida climate is beneficial for allergies and people with dermatological conditions. We change the AC filters after every guest. Bed linens are completely anti-allergenic, heat treated, with zero chemical detergents or fabric softeners. Our allergen-free flooring is both tiled and wood. We don’t spray fragrances inside or outside the chalets. The landscape is naturally free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Chalet Luxor 1st floor of the Luxor pyramid
Pyramids in Florida reception

Sacred Geometry

Pyramid Power

The tetrahedron is the most stable construction known, just look at the pyramids of Egypt, Mexico and Asia for example … thousands of years and still standing! The triangular symmetry has a positive effect on the human energy field, easing physical functions and enhancing sleep quality. The combination of an energetic space that promotes restful sleep and deep relaxation is a holiday trifecta. EMF radiation from electronic devices and systems is greatly reduced.