Volleyball & Soccer
Jungle Yoga
Walking Trails
Aqua Gym

Swim & Float

Our Fountain of Youth

Swimming and wading in our shallow thermal lake is relaxing and beneficial. If you’re lucky, “Heidi” our friendly turtle will join you for a few laps. For those who are less mobile, it is possible to come to the lake’s edge to sit and submerge the feet. The lake is open from sunrise to sunset. Gerti’s tip: a sunrise dip in the lake is best during quiet morning hours. The water contains therapeutic minerals; find more information here.

Aqua Gym

We like to Move it, Move it

Everyone is welcome to the lake workout where we strengthen muscles, release tension, and burn calories—the 1-hour water gym class is effective and fun with our certified physiotherapist. Equipment included for Pyramid guests. Class offered 1-2 times weekly.

Kinetic Walking

Morning Body Activation

This is valuable therapy for veins, arteries and muscles. Learn how to walk in a new way that stimulates arteries and the lymph system using specific leg and hand movements. Start in armchairs with stretching, then walk through the Jungle Park and the Village, and return to the armchairs. Results are immediately noticeable. Morning walk lasts approx. 90 minutes, twice weekly.

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Kinetic walking is a valuable therapy for veins, arteries and muscles. Everyone of all ages is warmly welcome to join.

Gerti Hoentzsch

Beach Volleyball

Dig, Dive and Slam

We brought in 60 tons of the finest white Florida sand for real beach volleyball, built to tournament specs with room for fans! Practice and play on our sandy court and enjoy this bathing suit sport in the sun. Volleyballs available from reception with deposit.

PyramidsinFlorida Jungle Park

Walking Trail

Run, Forest, Run!

Our 10-acre private jungle park is available to Pyramid guests for slow walks and vigorous jogs on well-maintained trails through tropical vegetation. The illuminated ‘Botanical Walk’ around the village is good for evening walks.

Kneipp Barefoot Path

Feed your Feet

Very popular in Germany and Austria, walking along a “Kneipp” path is invigorating and healthy for the entire body. The pathway is constructed from different stone shapes, wood textures and materials that alternate between warm and cool, targeting reflexology points. Benefits include reduced stress and greater sense of wellbeing. Biological systems may see improvement from Kneipp therapy: blood circulation, immune system, lymph, posture, foot muscles, tendons and ligaments, arches, abdominal organs and many others.

Outdoor Basketball

Slam Dunk Holiday

We installed a new basketball court next to the volleyball court. This is an ideal place for a morning pick up game or evening practice. Basketballs available from reception with deposit.

Jungle Yoga

Loosen Up

Yoga practiced outdoors is the best way to start the day! Then take a relaxing bath in the thermal lake. We are thrilled to announce the completion of a special yoga pavilion for weekly yoga and meditation classes with licensed teachers. Yoga mats available for rent at reception.