Meet our NEW Kneipp Barefoot Path

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are thrilled to announce the new Kneipp Barefoot Meditation Path at Pyramids in Florida. A slow meditative walk along the “Kneipp” path invigorates the entire body and mind.

After 144 hours and 2 tons of pebbles, bark, sand, and other natural textures, Gerti and Will have built Florida’s first barefoot path for enhancing guest wellbeing.

If you’ve never walked a Kneipp path before, you’ll want to start with a guided tour from Pyramids in Florida’s owner/founder Gerti. She will show you how each path texture targets different reflexology points on the bottom of your feet, and how this affects your foot arch, internal organs, metabolism, and immune system.

illustration of feet with marked pressure points Foot Reflexology Chart
Enjoy this Mindful Meditation Ritual

The pathway is constructed from different stones, wood textures and other materials that alternate between warm and cool, targeting foot reflexology points. Benefits include reduced stress and a greater sense of wellbeing along with improvements in blood circulation, immune system, lymph, posture, foot muscles, tendons and ligaments, arches, abdominal organs and more.

Walking the Kneipp Barefoot Path is a mindful meditation ritual. Take at least 20 minutes to tune into your body. Be quiet and listen. Are the textures soothing as you walk over them or do the pebbles hurt your feet? What are your thoughts as you walk the Barefoot Path of reflection? Gerti can answer any naturopathic health questions you may have.

Enjoy these new sensations we have created for you at Pyramids in Florida.