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Coastal living in Southwest Florida is easy and relaxed. Summer weather is guaranteed, flip flops are preferred, and falling asleep under a palm tree is recommended. Experience the unique blend of modern wellness, Austrian charm, and southern hospitality in the comfort of your own self-catering pyramid chalet. Soak up the sun, bathe in healing waters and enjoy nature at Pyramids in Florida. We are here to promote joy, health and comfort for all.

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Better sleep, more energy, total relaxation. This is what you will feel in our South Florida vacation village. Recharge your batteries in our fully equipped, self-catering pyramid chalets that glisten like sparkling jewels around a warm therapeutic lake. Guests enjoy the laid-back community, private nature preserve, and the allergy-free space designed for clean living. The many in-suite amenities include a fully outfitted kitchen, washer-dryer, shaded patio with BBQ grill, and a one-time set of complimentary supplies.

Wake up to bright lemony days where the weather beckons you outdoors to play. Southwest Florida is a tropical paradise where you can either relax next to the water’s edge or be as active as you like. You can look forward to fresh seafood, long walks on the beach, dolphin encounters, romantic sunsets, Latin food and dancing, lush gardens, tropical breezes, wildlife, boating and golfing for every budget. Within a couple hours drive, you’ll find NASA’s Cape Canaveral launch site, Orlando with Disney, Daytona car racing, and the swanky towns of Naples, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

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In the late 90s, two Austrians dreamed of building an energetic healing space to treat their European patients. They imagined a unique, sunny location where body and mind could rejuvenate within the geometric design of a pyramid structure. And today, that dream is Pyramids in Florida — the ultimate relaxation resort in Southwest Florida. The property is lush with palm trees, tropical greenery and a jungle park for nature walks. The pyramid chalets surround a natural thermal spring for swimming. Therapeutic waters aid the body’s own healing process and relieve a variety of symptoms.

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Tropical & Exotic
Imagine all things warm and wonderful: bikinis, palm trees, ice cream, flip flops & rum swizzles.
Family Friendly Resort
An ideal holiday retreat for couples, families, and single travelers. Baby amenities available on request.
Location with 1001 Activities
A green oasis within the culturally diverse and urban setting of Fort Myers, yet extremely private and quiet within the village.
Allergy Sensitive Space
Welcome to a healthy green space. We use the absolute minimum amount of cleaning agents around the property for your safety and wellbeing.


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